Who We Are

We are the Harps from Dalhart, TX and have 5 children (1 girl, 4 boys) and one fantastic grandson! Shelly traveled to Project Canaan in Swaziland in 2012 and again in 2013 and came home with a heart for Africa. Four years later, we found ourselves called to move to Swaziland for 3 months with the 3 youngest (Nate, Sam, and Eli) of our 5 children! After only a short time on Project Canaan, we knew we were to move to Swaziland for a longer term. The Harp boys love being big brothers to all the kids and babies! As a family, we love delivering food and clothing in the surrounding communities, building relationships and tangibly seeing the impact Heart For Africa is making in this broken but beautiful place. We pray we can breathe hope and love into the lives of the children at Project Canaan.


We cannot take this journey alone!


We ask that you partner with us in the following ways:


PRAY! Pray for us DAILY! Pray for the boys to adjust to our new life and the family we leave behind. Pray protection from illness, for our safety and the wisdom to walk humbly and minister the way God leads in every situation. 


GIVE! Your financial support will enable us to commit to serve for one year at Project Canaan. We ask that you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly donor in support of our mission here.  You can have your monthly donation recur by checking the box.   You can also do this as a one-time gift. It is tax deductible and any amount will make an impact! 


GO! Come and serve with us at Project Canaan! Look at the trips available and use your talents and love to serve others. http://www.heartforafrica.org/Trips.aspx


TOGETHER, we can make a difference in the lives of the orphaned, vulnerable, hungry and hopeless.  When WE GO, YOU GO!

Director of Finance-Barry Harp
Pastoral Care-Shelly Harp

Reporting to the CEO in conjunction with the Director of Finance of Heart for Africa US, Barry Harp will be responsible for oversight of the HFA Swaziland finance accounting and reporting activities. He will be involved in supporting presentations to the board finance and audit committee and will work closely with the senior leadership team.  In addition, Barry will partner with senior leadership to effectively communicate with HFA USA regarding operations, while strengthening overall accounting policies and procedures.


Barry will be training and equipping Swazi staff in financial operations and will supervise staff members with functional responsibility over accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. This is key in order to become self-sustaining.


Shelly Harp will be serving in the role of Women's Ministry Pastoral Care on Project Canaan.  She will be responsible for the coordination of the vision of Heart for Africa and Project Canaan through biblical teaching, equipping, training, encouragement and the discipleship of all women at Project Canaan including:  Kibbutz women, Aunties, staff and long-term volunteers.


If you would like to support the Director of Finance and the Pastoral Care positions, please click here: