3-2-1-BLAST OFF!!!!

In less than two weeks, the Harp Family will be MOVING TO SWAZILAND to serve with www.heartforafrica.org!

Last November, we spent three months in beautiful, rural, primitive Swaziland. We knew very quickly that God had a very specific purpose for each member our family, and that we were to return for a longer term. Project Canaan is a 2500-acre farm in rural Swaziland. This place of HOPE is home to 157 abandoned, vulnerable, and orphaned children. These babies are now receiving the proper nutrition, love, care and medical attention they deserve. Project Canaan employees over 280 Swazi men and women in a country with an unemployment rate of well over seventy percent. This place of HOPE also provides a safe haven for single mothers and their children.

As VOLUNTEERS for Heart for Africa, God has invited US to BE A PART OF THIS KINGDOM WORK!

Barry will be training and equipping Swazi staff in financial operations and will supervise staff members while mentoring a fatherless generation. He will assist in the community food distribution program while delivering food to orphan headed households, as well as to elderly widows and grandmothers providing for the many grandchildren left in the wake of extreme drought, hunger, disease and hopelessness.

Shelly will coordinate the vision of discipleship for all women throughout Heart for Africa and Project Canaan. Using her vast experience in women’s ministry, she will equip, train, love and encourage the women who work, live and serve on Project Canaan. Each day will be different, demanding and exciting as she will assist in the “rescue” of abandoned babies and bring them to their forever home at Project Canaan.

Because AIDS has left a wake of orphans in Swaziland, this is a fatherless and motherless nation. Our family has the privilege to model family Christian living and represent how each member of the family interacts with one another. Our boys have the special opportunity to be big brothers to all of the children on Project Canaan, a role they are uniquely qualified to do.

As you can imagine, this work does not come without cost. And as VOLUNTEERS, we need YOUR help! It is our hope that you can see the value in what our family will accomplish in Swaziland. A mission of this kind, requires financial support. We are committed to Heart for Africa and these babies for one full year. Will YOU commit with us?

Please prayerfully consider helping us make a difference in Swaziland. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.


Barry, Shelly, Nate, Sam and Eli Harp

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