Hey there! It’s Nate. You’re probably wondering why I’m the one writing this blog. The answer…I was forced. But… I do get something out of it too. I don’t have to do my schoolwork for 3 days. So, it’s kind of a win-win situation. You guys get to hear about living in a 3rd world country from a 15-year-old's perspective, and I don’t have to do school.

What does a 15-year-old do on a farm, in the middle of nowhere, on the continent of Africa? More than you would think. I have learned to drive on the different side of the road while driving my parents all over the place. I went crocodile hunting. I’ve learned patience while waiting in long lines at 5 different grocery stores just to get what’s on the list. I've learned how to build baby beds at Kufundza woodworking shop. I’ve learned about aqua-ponics and growing vegetables using fish. I’ve learned to drive tractors and plant grass and maize(corn) for the dairy cows to eat. I’m learning how the farm at Project Canaan functions and the purpose behind it. The eggs from the chickens and milk from the dairy provides sustainability for the 170 kids, and Project Canaan employs 250+ people in a country with a 70% unemployment rate.

But my favorite thing… I get to be a big brother to 170 kids between the ages of 0 to 6 years old. Well, you might think everything here is all milk and honey (Get it? Canaan…milk and honey?), but there is hard stuff too. It’s difficult being away from family when my 2-year-old cousin is diagnosed with Leukemia (#superreeve) and I’m not able to help. I’m missing my nephew, Hudson, grow up or see my sister, Jordan. I wish I could hang with my brother, Jake and spend time with other family. There’s nothing cool about missing my first year of high school or playing sports with people I’ve been friends with since preschool. I even missed one of my best friend’s quinceanera, which by the way, I received an invitation for all the way in Africa. It was only a few months late!

BUT there is a reason and purpose I am here.

I’m reminded every single time I see their faces or hear them laugh when we play. God has asked me to be a big brother to the Project Canaan kids so they have someone to look up to while showing them Jesus when things are hard. I understand these babies would probably not be alive if God had not rescued them and brought them to Project Canaan.

The reason I’m writing this, besides no homework, is that I want to inspire you to DO something. Maybe God is calling YOU to come to serve in Swaziland with Heart for Africa? Maybe YOU are supposed to be an “Angel” and sponsor one of the 170 babies on Project Canaan? Maybe YOU are supposed to pray or support us so we can do the work God has asked us to do?

So, my question to you is this, what are YOU going to do?

If God has called you to be a part of our ministry in Swaziland you may donate at

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